Meet "The Legacy"

Yesterday marked a milestone in the WoWinSchool Project.  Students from Cape Fear Middle School in North Carolina and students from Suffern Middle School in New York formed their guild, The Legacy.  They’ve been submitting names and voting for the past two weeks on the name, and I think they’ve chosen well.

Our kids were really excited about the day and the opportunity to officially mingle with each other in an organized way.  As of yesterday, the roster stood at around 22 members with several more who’ll be added in the coming days.  The next step for them is to determine what organizational structure they want (single leader, leadership team, etc.).  Then, they have to elect officers to those positions, so we’ll be having elections and perhaps even speeches over Ventrilo.

How will they manage their guild’s vault?  What will they choose for their guild colors and emblems?  Will they have class leaders?  Raid leaders?

Really, this signals what will hopefully be a shift from the teachers as guides to a more student-centric and student-led program.  Let’s see if they step up to the challenge of guild leadership…